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Falkon Thread Fixer
Falkon Thread Fixers
Falkon Thread Fixers

Falkon Thread Fixer

The tool that will save you time, money and the frustration that comes with messed up threads.

Add the Falkon Thread Fixer to your toolbox  today!

Leslie Orm

Should You Buy This Tool?

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Have you ever gotten a refrigerant cylinder that had defective threads?
  • Hoses with threads messed up?
  • Gauge manifold threads messed up?
  • Gauge port for a suction or discharge line with messed up threads?



Fix Threads

Fits on 1/4 inch gauge fittings and hoses

Fixes Stripped and damaged threads

Saves Time going up and down ladders.

Falkon Thread Fixer
Allow me to introduce the “FALKON thread fixer.” Arm yourself with this new tool! Tool is tap and die integrated all in one all of the above issues can be handled in a matter of minutes with the “FALKON thread fixer, for instance nothing is more frustrating than getting all your tools, gauges and refrigerant cylinder on a roof to only find the the threads on the tank are defective, once again you can use the FALKON thread fixer to clean the threads on the cylinder..

Real World Applications

The Falkon Thread Fixer was build with the Journeyman in mind.  This simple tool will save you so much time running to and from the supply house, up and down ladders and in and out of buildings.

Because it’s small, lightweight and compact, you can carry it alongside your other favorite tools.

Falkon Thread Fixer
Fix Refrigeration Threads

Not Convinved?

Ask Me Anything!

This Tool will be the greatest addition to your toobox.  Let me help you save time, money and unneeded frustration.  Order your FALKON Thread Fixer Today, or reach out to me with questions.